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Guide To Free Chat Etiquette

Free chat rooms are just like any other social interaction events that also have rules of etiquette to govern the behavior of every participant. Online, these rules are more aptly termed as “netiquette.”

While free chat sites typically have their own set of guidelines, all share common rules of the thumb such as to never type in all caps. This is tantamount to shouting, which is of course something other people will find offensive. Simply follow the proper capitalization and punctuations in order to ensure that the right message comes across clearly.

When joining free chat rooms, you will no doubt come across chatspeak or the abbreviations of phrases, which are designed to save time. Some of the most common ones used in free chat sites include ‘ASL’ which simply means the other person is asking or your Age, Sex, Location.  ‘LOL’ means ‘laugh out loud and ‘BRB’ stands for ‘be right back.’ Over time, you will grow used to these Internet slang but as you build your knowledge, don’t hesitate to ask the other person the meaning of any word that you do not understand.

Another important rule of the thumb to observe when joining free chat room is the respect for other’s privacy. Acknowledge the fact that many people do not feel comfortable sharing personal information, and for good reason. While it’s okay to be inquisitive to keep the conversations going, do not pry or become overbearing.

Just like in real like, you may also come across ‘flamers’ in free chat rooms. This refers to people who intentionally pick fights. The best way to handle them is to avoid engaging them and simply ignore them.

Following these simple rules of free chat can help maintain a fun and safe chat experience for everyone.